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what is studboo?

Let’s Breakdown


Stud is intelligent person and reads all good articles online.


Boo is all the shit that is there on the Internet.


Look at the Internet today. It is full of shit so we made a better place for people to read the purified shit that is really good.

Content Creation

We make attractive Websites, YouTube videos, and help the community to grow more. More collaboration.


We provide MC-SEO world's most efficient SEO technique to get first rank and ultimate traffic. We don't have fully functional MC-SEO right now. Will be Launched in coming August.

success. nothing less.

One place for all your active learning

We do research and search all the possible things on the internet and provide the best content possible and the post we make up is worth each and every second of your time. Plus no popups and no in between ads.


20.4 billion devices by 2020

Growth of technology is exponential. 


Early adapters of technology will rule.

Blockchain, AI and many more.


We will keep you updated

Just a day on studboo will make you more efficient.



Don’t like to read much, no problem. We also have animated videos to explain you all.

the way to success

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