Do you really need a pre-amp for your microphone bm 800?

I bought a microphone (bm-800) and it was having very low sound input, so I started wondering why?

I made a video about the noise problem the microphone had

Then I found out that pre-amp is needed to boost up the microphone signals.

What is a pre-amp?

A device that amplifies signals like a low signal into a high signal.

Like the following the a low signal into a high signal

Do microphone like BM 800 really need a pre amp?

For me it depends on usage,

Low usage :

  • If you are using a microphone once a week or twice or thrice a month.
  • if you are going to use your microphone for casual gaming or for discord.

what I mean by this is if you are using a microphone less and you are not doing any kind of voice work or any kind of voice over, then you do not need a preamp.

High usage :

  • you are using a microphone to record audio or voice-overs.
  • you are using microphone to record songs or recording some sounds, using the microphone that is to actually inputting the main signal from the microphone into your computer machine software like audacity or premiere Pro.


Actually I did not had my microphone preamp before and I was using it to play games like Counter Strike and I was using the microphone on the e-spots and everything was working very fine but when I started recording on premiere Pro or audacity then I actually needed the preamp because if I have to record myself everyday so I need some kind of system to automatically gain the voice but in games like Counter Strike or something like discord, they actually automatically gains up the voice to be heard easily.


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