Haikyuu moments UHD Moblie wallpapers for Amoled Screen

Dramatic youth! Volleyball story!! I can fly!!

Shoyo Hinata was fascinated by volleyball and faced the first and final official games in junior high school. However, he is defeated by Kageyama, a genius player who is known as “King on the Court.” Hinata, who promises revenge and hits the gate of Karasuno High School’s volleyball club! And the story begins!

Hi, a few days back, I wanted haikyuu Ultra HD wallpaper. I had a problem searching for UHD mobile haikyuu wallpapers for the AMOLED screen. I have an S10 Lite mobile phone. There are very few anime wallpapers for haikyuu that are Ultra HD and can be used on AMOLED screens. Here are the top 10 picks that I found on the Internet.

1. Felt inspired to draw one of my favorite moments of this series! (oc) on Reddit

Yes, this is one of the epic moments in the series. ~ Kei Tsukishima ~

Google Drive Link to download : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ug0GL849ECfPzPyxATqjdS865iN256VT

2. Kiyoko Shimizu playing the volley in the karasuno uniform.

This wallpaper is pure white on the outside which gives a good look, I have been using this wallpaper for a while and it looks really good, this picture really has a lot of connections with haikyuu.

3. Yū Nishinoya ball save, Yū Nishinoya moves his leg to save the ball.

Nishinoya is the shortest member of the team.

4. Hinata Shoyo, making a jump near the net to smash the ball.

One day, a small boy, Shoyo Hinata, who happened to see the TV broadcast of Shuntaka Valley one day, was captivated by the ace of the vibrant local Miyagi Prefectural Karasuno High School, who was called a ” small giant, “and started playing volleyball. Although Hyuga had an extraordinary motor nerve, a spring, and a passion for volleyball, which compensated for the physical disadvantage of being short stature, other than the instructor, a member other than himself was in the valley club of the junior high school where he entered. I wasn’t blessed with the environment, such as not being able to improve my skills. In the summer of the third year of junior high school, in the first and last official match that finally gathered members and participated, Yukigaoka in the middle is a genius setter called Kioyama Toyo called ” King on the Court ” Kitagawa No. It will be defeated all at once. Having been denied three years at junior high school by Kageyama, Hinata joined the Karasuno High School Volleyball Club, which he longed to avenge Kageyama. On the first day of the club activity, when it was sunny, Kageyama entered the gym in front of Hinata. At first, the two were repulsing each other. Still, to see a “top view” that can not be seen by themselves, we have created a quick attack that does not see the toss, commonly known as “a weird haste” It was decided to aim for the national tournament with the unique Karasuno High School students.

It reminds me how hard it was, and seemed at first. But just having even made it possible to try again, and get better and better. ~Hinata Shoyo

5. New manager Yachi Hitoka plays volley.

This image is from http://suncelia.deviantart.com/ the user has many wonderful haikyuu fan-arts, check them out and enjoy.

6. Kiyoko shimizu jumping over a hurdle.

This is a big wallpaper use freely.

Although very attractive, she is an “erotic” girl who often receives a lot of attention from men and women, including teams from other schools. Still, from her appearance, Karasuno High School is generally known as a team. She is a beautiful manager.


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