My Neighbor is a Youtuber

One day my mother calls me and says, “beta wo padosi ka ladka USA seh medal jeeta hai and uhone cake bhi kata” aka “son, neighbor’s son has won a medal from USA and they celebrated with a cake.”

I started Imaging things!

  1. He must have only won a medal in some kind of competition!
  2. He must be going to US.
  3. What could he had done in a small town and similar stuff.
This has turned into a difficult situation.

After a while, I checked my msgs on whats-app, and mom sent me a website that a neighbor’s son made. I was like, why would someone get a medal for a website?
[in my head, he won some competition]
I searched the website name mom gave me, and I couldn’t find anything on the internet. [this is ultra difficult situation]

After a month, I came home. Then, I see my neighbor has 100k+ subs on Youtube and he is YOUTUBER.

Now, my mom keeps on saying, “unka ladka YouTube karra hai, tune bhi toh kiya tha, uska kya hua.”
Translation : “Their son is doing YouTube, you also did YouTube, how is the progress.”


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