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UPAJ VARDHAK INDIA | उपज वर्धक इंडिया

UPAJ VARDHAK “UNIQUE AGRICULTURAL BRAND in INDIA” को विशेषीकृत ऑर्गैनिक फर्टिलाइजर्स और क्रॉप उत्पादों को समर्पित किया जाता है जो नैचुरल सोइल फैसिलिटी को बढ़ाने

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Milk is Protien!!

Milk is protein! So : Protein requirements for humans can range from as little as 40 grams to as much as 70 grams per day,

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Clickbait? What is it?

Humans form all time we know has been always dependent on a ways to communicate such as Writing inside caves, engraving wood, Using pen and

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How to write an Article?

Writing an article every day is not an easy task, writing an article everyday takes time, takes your patience and you have to use your

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VRchat! Meet Random People

I have recently started playing vrchat, and it is really awesome game, you can meet different people from different parts of the world. VR stands

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Learn Japanese in 40 Days!

Learning a new language has been always difficult for us adults, when compared to a kids, growing up they can easily grasp language easily. Now

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