Karakuri Circus! A well twisted story!

Karakuri Circus Anime has a very twisted story, when you watch this anime for the first time you’ll find it difficult to understand or you might get bored after 9th or 10th episode. Frankly the plot is a classic hero and a villain story. Karakuri Circus has a very different approach, it is shounen revolving around puppets and the circus. I would say a typical battle shounen. The story revolves around 3 main characters : Masaru Saiga, Narumi Katō and Shirogane Saiga.

The kid is Masaru Saiga who inherits a massive fortune.
The Man is Narumi Katō a martial arts expert who suffers from Zonapha syndrome.
The Women is Shirogane Saiga (Éléonore Saiga), who is Masaru’s caretaker and controls the puppet Harlequin.


The main story that led the creation of the present scenarios, the story is around 200 years ago. 200 years ago two brothers Bai Yin and Bai Jin wanted to learn alchemy (supernatural chemistry) and they are the sons of puppeteer. So they travel from China to Prague, in these events they meet a girl named Francine, and they both fall in love with Francine. Yin proposed to Francine and she said yes. Then the bother’s quarrel start, Jin Kidnapped her, and after 9 years she dies due to illness. To save her Yin created Aqua Vitae (Elixir of life) but it was too late.

Jin created a puppet resembling Francine a automaton but he failed to get the real feeling. He then created automaton clowns to make her laugh, but they failed, so he released the Zonapha (Z.O.N.A.P.H.A.) syndrome into Kuroga village. Zonapha (Z.O.N.A.P.H.A.) syndrome in which you have to make another person laugh otherwise you will suffer breathing difficulties and excruciating pain in every nerve.

When YIN came back and helped the village and then, he passed on his memories.

Then the YIN and JIN caused a whole list of events that make up this whole story. Such as, events like Francine automation died in a well with a child, and all the properties of Francine were transferred into that child Éléonore Saiga (that is Shirogane, a main character).

This story is really complicated you have to read manga to understand each and every aspect of this anime.

Just to summarize, two brother love the same girl, one gets the girl, 2nd one kidnaps the girl. Years later she dies, one tries to save her, 2nd one tries to reincarnate her. 2nd one releases a disease Zonapha syndrome to make reincarnation laugh. 1st one tries to stop him. This has led to a story of tears, sadness, hate, revenge and death.

The Story is really beautiful and it is so much twisted, as soon as story progresses it looses interest of some viewers.


In this anime, just by looking at a character you can understand very easily where the character stands in the story. The development of characters is unique and each and every character has a backstory that is causing them to move forward and fight for the things that are right.

I feel sad, in this anime we lose characters that we actually wanted to see till the end. There are some scenes where you will feel like why this character is dying?

The characters resembles real human nature of hate and love, and how can your love can be easily changed into hate! Imagine you love someone and suddenly you know something about them and you hate them. Crazy? right!

The animation style is of 90’s and animations were moderate, use of characters in the story was way off. There are laughing scene then suddenly there are sad scenes. I am like I am eating something and enjoying suddenly I have feel sad. This is an annoying part in this anime.

The anime lacks quite a lot development of characters background stories and skips many things!

Story line and Review

The story starts when Masaru Saiga’s father dies and leaves 18 billion yen of inheritance solely to him. Narumi Katou is dressed in a bear costume and meets Masaru Saiga. Saves Masaru, then they meet Shirogane, and Shirogane and Narumi both protect Masaru because his uncle and half-siblings pan to kill or abduct Masaru for his inheritance. Together they try to rescue and protect Masaru.

Masaru is a typical weak crybaby, who figures out that crying is not a solution and takes a step to fight for his problems.

I was impressed story has no fillers but as the story progresses, a 200-year-old story is uncovered of YIN and JIN. This is where you have to put your brain into processing mode to understand the story.

The story also divides into two arcs :

  1. First arc, Narumi Katō joins the Shirogane to battle the automatons (auto-mannequins) and save the world from the Zonapha syndrome.
  2. In the second arc, Éléonore and Masaru join the Nakamachi Circus and attempt to live a normal life as possible.

I was not able to understand why Narumi don’t go back and meet Masaru or Shirogane? but story revealed that he needs to protect children who have the same syndrome.

During the Climax of the story both arcs intersect, and the world is saved from Zonapha syndrome.

For the the story was like a classic villain that is Zonapha syndrome and hero are the three main characters Masaru Saiga, Narumi Katō and Shirogane Saiga who saved the world.

I Loved this series as a story, clowns are funny people and they get paid to make people laugh and the story is revolving around Zonapha syndrome and circus with automation clowns.

The starting episodes of this series are very good and I felt awesome watching them, but as the story progressed the interest is lost. The story feels like a rushed story. The feeling when I watched first three or four episodes are lost. The story went to outer space!

If anime was only the first five episodes it would have been great anime. Although the story of 200 years ago is fine, the current story could have been better. There were many twist and everything was revealed in a mysterious way and after the tenth episode anime was just like another TV show you watch because you want to complete the story.


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