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Akame ga kill full story | Tatsumi is still alive!

Hey Guys, I have some news! Well, kind of; I know it’s late, but I recently rewatched Akame ga kill and read the whole manga on top, and I was like, OMG, this anime story is on the next level. I really don’t have any words to describe the feelings that hit me when I experienced this anime. It has a wonderful story, and the plot twists throughout are amazing. This is the first anime in which I couldn’t predict the story for like the next 5 minutes straight. Plot twists kept on happening.

The anime is based on reality. It is not a story of a hero that works his way up for the world to be a better place. it’s actually about people who sacrifice a lot to be able actually to make a change. (Akame ga kill is better than the game of thrones)

But wait, if you haven’t watched this anime yet, then go and watch it first, after that please come back and enjoy this article. Because spoilers are ahead you have been warned!

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Now then, this story is about the sacrifices that are made to change a nation from its ground up. If your country’s people are suffering due to government problems, what is there you could do? What happens, and how do we change it? This anime has made me realize what sacrifices need to be made to change or rebirth a nation.

I have been told that :
We are an independent nation due to the sacrifices of our grandfathers and their friends. I never understood the feeling they were talking about. But now I feel like I understand what it feels like to fight for something big while your life’s on the line. I really felt a lot of different emotions like rage and anger while watching this great anime.

Now let’s jump deeper into the actual details of the story.

The story starts with a young man, “Tatsumi,” who is powerful enough to take down monsters.
He wants to help his village, so he goes to the capital with 2 childhood friends to earn money, but due to a bandit attack, he loses his way and ends up alone in the town. Then he gets robbed by these women and loses every single penny.

Now, He really needs a place to stay, so a beautiful girl comes to help him and gives him a place to stay. (OMG, the story is taking a turn).

The night raid (a group of assassinations) comes to kill the people he is staying with.
Then it turns out the place he is staying is full of monsters that torture people to death and they also killed his both childhood friends that he started the journey with, then he makes his first kill when he learns that his noble hosts actually intended to torture and kill him as they had done with his friends.

He then realizes the monstrous nation’s reality and ends up joining the night raid to avenge his friends and help his people in his village by fighting for the root cause of the problem. Night Raid is a revolutionary army with assassinators that stood against the nation to change it and make the nation a better place.

As a result, Night raid trains him to be a part, which consists of the swordswoman Akame, the beastly fighter Leone, the sniper girl Mine, the scissor-wielding Sheele, the string manipulator Lubbock, the armored warrior Bulat, and their leader Najenda, a former general of the imperial army. The members of Night Raid carry Imperial Arms, unique weaponry created 900 years ago out of scarce materials and legendary animals called Danger Beasts. The power of the Imperial Arms is so overwhelming that it is said that when two Imperial Arms users fight each other, one of them will die.

Prime minister Honest is the one manipulating the young emperor for his personal gain despite the rest of the nation falling to poverty and strife, and Night Raid wants to kill him. Although Night Raid successfully assassinate some of Honest’s people, they lose Sheele during a fight against capital garrison member Seryu and then Bulat when Honest recruits the Empire’s sadist general Esdeath her Three Beasts. Tatsumi receives Bulat’s Imperial Arms, Incursio, as a result, while Esdeath, who Raised under her father’s philosophy of “the strong survive and the weak die.”

A resident of a northern tribe of Danger Beast hunters, and is the last of her people. It was simply a matter of shifting from killing Danger Beast to killing humans, and she became the greatest danger for night raid.

She replaced her dead subordinates with a group of Imperial Arms-using warriors called the Jaegers, serving as the Empire’s security squad and counter to Night Raid. Esdeath is strong at fighting and enjoys torture. Esdeath found herself occupied with love and obsessed over Tatsumi after seeing him battle in a fighting tournament. Esdeath, unaware of his ties to Night Raid, Tatsumi tried talking her into joining the Revolutionary Army. Tatsumi eventually gave up upon learning Esdeath’s life story and realizing she is beyond redemption, a true evil. Night Raid, along with recruits Susanoo (a humanoid Imperial Arms owned by Najenda) and Chelsea, fight the Jaegers with Seryu, Wave, and Akame’s younger sister Kurome among its ranks. When the revolution gains momentum, Honest forms a new secret police force, the Wild Hunt, led by his own son, Syura. But Wild Hunt heavily abuses its authority by killing innocent civilians for their own plans, antagonizing both the Jaegars and Night Raid.

After a battle between Wild Hunt and the Jaegers, with casualties from both sides, Esdeath blackmails Honest into dissolving the rest of Wild Hunt. Lubbock kills Syura (son of PM) after he captures both him and Tatsumi. Lubbock is killed brutally, and Tatsumi is captured and sentenced to death despite Esdeath’s attempts to save his life. Esdeath loves him so much, and she only wanted herself to kill him. The remaining Night Raid members attack to rescue Tatsumi while being executed. Mine manages to kill at the cost of her Imperial Arms while falling into a coma. Due to the stress he experienced while escaping the execution site, Tatsumi caused Incrusio to transform. It would be revealed that Tatsumi caused the Danger Beast, which Incrusio was created from, Tyrant, to awaken. Tatsumi can use his Imperial Arms a few more times before it fully fuses onto his body and consumes him.

As this occurs, Night Raid confronts the last members of Wild Hunt and finish them off, with Akame taking out big generals on the Empire’s side. Akame leaves a message to Wave that she and Kurome intend to settle things as they promised each other. After he attempts to convince Kurome not to get through with it, fighting his way through Tatsumi, Wave manages to stop the sisters’ duel and destroys Kurome’s Imperial Arms. With this, Wave and Kurome fake their deaths as they run off to start a new life together.

After hearing the news of the remaining Jaegers’ deaths, Esdeath resumes her duties as general to hold off the Revolutionary Army when they begin a siege on the capital to remove Honest from power. As a last resort, Honest convinces the emperor himself to join the fight with his family’s Imperial Arms. After the remaining Night Raid members assassinated those in the government who have been pulling strings behind the stage, only Honest and Esdeath are their remaining targets. However, Honest rigged the emperor’s Imperial Arms to go berserk.

To confront the emperor’s Imperial Arms, Tatsumi uses his last transformation to defeat Wave’s help while changing into Tyrant. Before being fully consumed, Tatsumi asks Akame to kill him before he loses control and kills everyone. During her battle with Esdeath, she does so later revealed to have only killed the Danger Beast’s soul so Tatsumi can live, managing to defeat the general at the cost of her own sword. Esdeath acknowledges her loss and uses her power to commit suicide while regretting that she never got Tatsumi to return her feelings.

As the final battle unfolded, Honest attempted to flee before being mortally wounded by Leone after he fatally wounded her, and she fused with the remains of her Imperial Arms to give her enough time to capture him so the Revolutionary War can fully end. Emperor accepts his own public execution while taking responsibility for his inaction as Najenda begins to rebuild their nation into a better place. In the manga, Tatsumi transforms into Tyrant but retains his mind, but in the anime, he dies after defeating Shikoutazer. In the manga, after the war, Tatsumi, trapped in his Tyrant form for life.

Mine is rendered unconscious after sacrificing Pumpkin to defeat Budo during Night Raid’s mission to rescue Tatsumi, but she died shortly after in Tatsumi’s arms in the anime. Tatsumi is enraged and plans to carry out Mine’s goal to come out on top. Sometime later, Tatsumi would return to Mine’s side and wait for her to awake. Upon her awakening, it is revealed that she is pregnant with Tatsumi’s child. Because of the mental and physical injuries during the battle, Tatsumi and Mine retired from service and settled down at Tatsumi’s home village with their child.

In anime, mine dies shortly after rescuing Tatsumi, and she dies in his arms, but in the manga, she is alive. She actually goes unconscious. When Tatsumi returns to her, she wakes up. It is found that she is pregnant with Tatsumi’s child, and then they both go to Tatsumi’s home village and live together with their child.

Leone, during the final battle against the Empire, Leone is mortally wounded by Honest but kills him. She then uses what is left of her life to visit her old drinking friends before dying alone on the street, where she met Tatsumi with a satisfying smile.

Kurome and Wave end up together as well, with the former still scarred by her past while the latter lost one of his internal organs as a price for using two Imperial Arms at once. As for Akame, still working as an assassin to defend the restoring nation from those who would exploit it, she heads eastward to protect her nation and find a means to restore Tatsumi’s human form.

Eventually :
They planned they fought, survived, and died. The revenge lost loved ones and ended up changing the nation.

There are so many characters that I started to like, died in a flash. It really made me sad. This is really a fantastic story that can rip your brain apart.
I need more series like this. Please comment.

Alright, Thanks for Reading.

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