How to write a letter to customs regarding Call-Cum-Show Cause Notice

There are many people online that are having problems in writing reply to the customs :
When you receive the letter, read it thoroughly and understand clearly what the letter is saying.

One of my friend received a Call cum show cause notice, and he asked for help, so I am writing this post for him and anyone who needs help can read the following replies that can be used in the letter.

Here are the letter details :

[Starting of letter subject]
Subject: Call-Cum-Show Cause Notice and Apology Letter [Mention Your Tracking Number]
Hello Sir/mam,

[Acknowledge what has been received by you]

I had received Call-Cum-Show Cause Notice on [Date you received your notice] hence replying my response for the same. I am [YOUR NAME] and please find my response below :

[Reply your reason of why and how as shown below]

The Obscene good having [consignment details] value Rs [Value of product] Import by [Your Name] should not be confiscated under Section 111(d) of the Customs Act, 1962, Because I was not aware about the law of Custom Act, 1962. If I would have known this law. I would not have ordered this. I am really sorry, I did not know about the law and, I don’t want to go against the law. [write what is written in the letter as an apology]

Please forgive me. This is my first time, and now I fully understand the law and I will not break the law again. [write something similar to this – don’t copy paste]

This will not happen again. I had placed orders before from International websites (orders like clothes) but I was not aware about regarding importing of obscene item[Your item description] is not allowed.

Please sir consider my first and last mistake. I am really sorry.

[Explain more to lengthen the letter]
Penalty should not be imposed upon the importer under Section 112(a) [Check your section in your letter] of the Customs Act, 1962.

I bought the goods for personal use and not for the purposes of trade.
I was not aware about this item not allowed in India. Please sir/mam consider my request not to impose penalty. I am promising you as you won’t find this in future from my end.

Kindly accept my apology. I will be careful in the near future

[Your name and signature with address]

I hope I helped someone! Please leave a comment if you have any problem, I will try to reply the same day.


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