Why other people have problems when i do drugs?

Why other people have problems when i do drugs?

When a child grows up they develop ability to think and ask questions.

As humans we evolve, innovate and have curiosity about the world around us.

Human brain works on a simple award function, when you do something good for yourself, you get reward, your brain release a chemical called dopamine.

This dopamine helps us to feel good. When you win a game or do something hard, your brain release this chemical.

Is there’s another way we can achieve this?

Yes, Drugs can help us achieve us achieve the same and even more.

But why do other people have a problem when i am doing drugs?

Yes, everyone around you will have a problem.
Actually someone close to you will always want you to feel rewarded by the hard work and doing something that you love. RIGHT??

So..When they see you taking the easy way to reward yourself, they don’t want that. (because they had a hard life).

They want you to also work hard and have a hard life to achieve rewards using hard work!


But they never fucking helped in your hard-wok.. All they do is just complain, they don’t even know anything about these drugs, and these can have a very good remapping impact on brain.. And will make you intelligent And helps to think better than anyone else around you.

If you are doing drugs to run away from problems then it’s wrong, if you want to explore your brain then it’s a good thing.

I am talking about GAMES
Mobile games are not drugs and Computer games are not drugs

So stop comparing them to the addiction of drugs!

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