A Random UN-Categorized Post

A Random UN-Categorized Post

This is a shit post so refrain yourself from reading this post.

Well, I made this blogging platform so that I can write a post everyday. I know, I have been not writing anything from quite a while. From past few days I have been thinking to write something, but shit happens and I just think and it is there inside the head.

From now, I will be writing something each and everyday, even if no one reads these post.. But why?

Because, I recently been practicing typing on keybr.com and it has increased my typing speed from a noob speed of 10-15 wpm peak and hit to some where 30-50 wpm and now I can type faster than before.

I can practice on keybr or I can practice here(Studboo) and can create one post a day.

well then, this is really a small post,

Something is better than nothing! This post is something that’s all!

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