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Clickbait? What is it?

Humans form all time we know has been always dependent on a ways to communicate such as Writing inside caves, engraving wood, Using pen and paper and finally to the typical progress of the printing press.
To reduce the effort of writing with pen Christopher Latham Sholes invented the typewriter. voila, one big hassle was upgraded to what we now know as a keyboard. Similarly, the launch of telephones was just a beginning. The idea of developing a machine that can do anything came alive as Computer. Now our ways to input became easier, scientists and engineers started opening our world to a whole new experience. and then came the mouse, yes mouse. So tiny that a mouse could fit in your hand and now we all became the Picasso of the digital age and this took our way of what we called as a computer to a whole new experience. Soon the internet connected millions of people together though animators, khan academy paint drawing, playing PUBG, video calling, YouTube, google, maps with the help of simple cable and wires and helped us to communicate.

Transformed our world?

Yes, transformed
And this was the big bang to the evolution of our conversation with our love – computer. From typing experts we became clicking masters. So what is this mouse and why are we talking about clicks. Mouse and this clicking is used to do all sort of work, form opening a folder to shutting down your computer. And helping you clicking a YouTube video with clickbaits, Clickbait is a thumbnail picture on the video that attract attention and encourage visitors to click on that video. But? How do we understand the true nature of the video that we are about to watch

What exactly is a good video and what is a bad video?

To understand it better here is a story by Patreon CEO, he was talking with some folks from a satellite TV company and they’re explaining that they had this churn problem. Churn meaning they were losing customers every year..actually are losing a million paying customers a year they tried to figure out how can we stop losing customers who are paying for a satellite TV.

Let’s find our most popular programming and let’s just make more of it so they do a study they figure out what the most popular stuff is by watch time they look at what most people are watching it was most people are watching this reality TV show stuff it says actually it was great because it was really cheap to produce it was really quick and easy and fluffy and they could just kind of make tons of it, it was very easy to scale up so they double down on reality because. They started making this reality TV shows for a year and churn increases more people start leaving and they sit back think then wait a minute what the heck is going on, so they did a deep dive back into the data and they found out….wait a minute which people are leaving and that the churning people that were actually churning away from the service were the people that were watching the reality TV stuff in the first place let’s totally change the strategy here and they double down on the long-form narrative well shot and well directed stories. They re create content strategy to build amazing shows with great actors and with great storytellers and great directors their churn problem gets solved, they sit back at the end and they realize that oh my gosh there is a difference between what people will watch and what people will pay for since.
If you have to pay for all those stupid videos on YouTube you come across!! Will you pay?
The answer is a straight no,
Let’s look at content creators and lets see the difference??
Internet is full of garbage, the good looking garbage is consumed easily

The things you consume you become!


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