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Does waiting for food makes you more hungry?

Food is essential for living, food provides us energy to live. We sleep for 32 years in our lifetime. Sleeping helps our brain and life to function properly, when we sleep our brain optimizes itself.

Similarly, when you are hungry and you go to a restaurant, there are many flavors in the air which makes you more and more hungry. You give your order, you get it and then you eat it. The time that is wasted waiting for order to receive, it is the most important time.

You brain needs power from food and you go to place full of flavors that make you more hungry, then you wait for like 15-30 minutes. During this time, your brain goes through a wired situation. This situation is called socialization anxiety. (Read carefully) You actually go through Social Anxiety Disorder. Social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia, involves intense fear of certain social situations. So you clam yourself and try to blend in, but you are hungry and you need food.

This is why people get so much angry at restaurant, because they are hungry, the brain doesn’t have enough thinking power and it resolves to anger. The people who work at restaurants do not understand these situations, and they take these customers as a outcast.

People who know and understand about this crucial time (the waiting time for the food), they order or make their food before hand, and as soon as they start to feel hungry they eat it.

In many culture people start to make food even they are not hungry, because they know, in few hours they will be hungry.

Why do you even eat breakfast even if you little hungry or you don’t feel hungry at all? but you are not not doing the same with lunch or dinner? Why?

Just think about it and eat before your hunger destroys you.


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