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Is this Gaming Addiction?

Gaming Addiction

Humans in their lifetime, since the time they are born into this world, we always need some or the other ways to entertain ourselves. We can see a child can play with toys, and a grown up can play with cards.
So we have been playing games?

Really? That’s not me? are you?

During the years 19th century the computer was launched. Which introduced us to a whole new level of games : Called Computer Games, and gave us games that we can never think of. Soon Globalization started and made everything available to each other. This gave us our childhood.

The Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as NES) or Video Games. And each and every child that can get hands on it, was addicted to it. Way more addicted to this pubg mobile bullshit (that’s happening in India). Wait a minute, pubg mobile needs internet right?

Yes, with the launch of internet, we played our first game with an opponent sitting in another country. We created MMO, RPG and FPS games. Then this became big! We got e-spots events, we got to know people like shroud, playing games and streaming became a business.

What am I talking about and what is actually a game?
To understand this better, here is the small clip from Super Mario effect Tedx Talk.

Let’s talk about addition here!

Entertainment is not an addiction, and addiction is always entertainment.

I have 500+ hours of experience on PUBG PC (the real pubg) and currently have played Pubg mobile daily for about 6 hours daily for months (because my friends were playing pubg mobile) and this game is so damn easy. When i used to play 6 hours a day, i could pretty much play 12-15 matches daily and get chicken dinner in 10-12 matches. With about 90% win rate. One thing more :
I have so much experience of counter strike 1.6 (yes this crappy looking game). (yes I have been playing this game since my 8th class, so yeah 8 years of shooting game experience).

If you and I, were in match, due to my exp, I am at advantage Right?

Now then, Why are we talking about pubg mobile? And What are these hours? And counter strike? is this relevant to the title?

To be frank i love playing games, i have so much experience with first person shooter that i can play them for hours without getting tired. You might be the same as me or you must be playing more or less than me.

I think mobile version : pubg mobile has taken over the India and it is becoming a problem in many countries! Pubg a battle royale game fps game, for pc players playing a new shooting game works easily because we are used to mouse and keyboard.

If i have to compare, counter strike is a quick game, you have money you buy guns and you fight,
but pubg you have to spend a lot of time doing different things!

the problem arises when people with no past experience, start to play a pubg. (I mean you don’t know how to play fps game and never played one)

And the worst thing is that, even after playing 100+ hours (250 matches) they are nowhere near to a normal pubg player. Why? Because they don’t have any past gaming exp. And they are playing with people who don’t have any exp.

My stats of 250 matches!

In pubg you waste your 95% of the time.
Looting, parachute jump, waiting for people to join, server wait time, game crash, no weapons found, running, peaking here and there and a lot of stupid things!

And 5% only is the actual shooting and fighting time.

I know playing games that help develop memory motor functions and all,

But your FPS (first person shooter) skills are not developing and there is no motor development, because you are wasting your time doing nothing. I guess you don’t know, so let me tell you :

Pubg is a MMO. Massively multiplayer online game!

Shroud is former CS player and he has been playing games all his life, he has more than 13 years of FPS games experience, and you are getting motivated by players who have incredible exp. of gaming.

And now for pubg mobile players, even if they are in gold or platinum or in ace, many of them don’t have a basic knowledge of a FPS game. (because I have played with them)

Hey you guys are surrounded by bots! Yes bots bots! And if a real players comes you die at that moment! And you start over. what are you doing dude? Wasting your time?

People like these cannot listen footsteps accurately and all these people are just wasting their day and night playing pubg mobile, and i really feel sorry for them.

I am not saying that you quit play this game or anything bad. All i would like to tell you is to measure your time, that for how long you are playing this game and try to invest your same time in better things or better games. (for god sake sleep 8 hours a day).

In a day you might lose 6 hours, in month you might lose up 180 hours, in a year you might lose 90 days. (and 90 days is a lot of time)

If it is 3 days or 72 hours in a year, it works, but giving away 90 days of your human life! I will not say anymore!


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  1. This is really helpful. Most of the people are not aware of these facts. You made them realize how they are just wasting time behind PUBG Mobile which is not enhancing their motor skills.
    This was awesome !!

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