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What is Happy about Diwali?

As soon as we approach near Diwali celebration, we get Happy Diwali messages everywhere! Right?


What is actually happy about this Diwali?

Let’s breakdown the list of events that happen during diwali :

  • We get a public holiday.
  • We buy sweets to eat.
  • We buy crackers and burn them.
  • We buy lights, candles and we light them.
  • We give money to people who work for us. Like security guard and similar.

These are a small list of events that happen when we get spammed by happy diwali.

First of all, we burn crackers that causes a serious hike in our air pollution.

Pollution in Delhi | Google Search

Pollution in Delhi | Google Search Results

Each year 300,000 lakhs (3 billion INR or 41,67,79,500 United States Dollar) approx amount of money is spend on crackers. These sales have reduced officially in Delhi, but when sold in black, the amount is increased by 1.2x to 2x. Averaging down to the same amount of money spend on crackers.

You feel sad? no no no, you can’t. Just keep reading.


We buy sweets, a lot of sweets, and is gifted to one another. Similarly, people buy a lot of chocolates, all these local shop owners get super rich as they don’t have to show any taxation. Sweets are given to all children in schools, employees in offices and similar.

Do you know sugar rush is drug similar to any other drug!

From where do we buy sweets from? Famous shops? and these sweets lack a lot perfection. We still buy it from famous shops and we make them rich. Every year you are making them rich. Instead this sugar rush money can be used in a more efficient way that is helping the poor. Many people keep sweets stored in fridge just to feed another mouth that comes to visit them.

What is all this? sweets? why i am telling you this?

See, a average famous shop gets a boost every diwali as people buy the sweets not to eat them but they have to do pooja (pray/ritual) to God. This requires the use of sweets, and everyone who prays uses the sweets.

Is amount of money spend on sweets is more or less than crackers?

Yes, It’s more than crackers as everyone buys sweets when compared to the crackers. Now we have a logical overview that the amount of money spend on sweets is the maximum on diwali.

AND WE WISH – “HAPPY DIWALI” (yeah it’s happy right?)

(PS: I am not taking into account for -buying new vehicle or a new thing on diwali- as they are used by us only).

Now, what do you think?

All this money you spend on diwali for crackers and sweets, is it really worth it?

Do you really crave to eat sweets on Diwali?

Do you really enjoy burning these crackers and causing noise with air pollution?

Why do you even burn crackers?

Why do we even celebrate Diwali?


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