What was my first anime? Naruto?

What was my first anime? Naruto?

Well, this is an interesting question. For as long as I can remember, Beyblade and Pokemon were my first anime. I am not sure for real.

But the gateway anime was Naruto and DragonBallz. (gateway anime is an anime that makes to watch more anime and new anime like a gateway drug).

All of my memories are wonderful.
  1. I used to have a Nokia N72 phone. I had a lot of DBZ and Naruto AMVs on that phone.
  2. These AMVs were all Linkin Park songs and introduced to my world of English music.
  3. I was really crazy about Naruto that I used to go to a cyber cafe and watch Naruto episodes. (sometimes I have gone with my mom. She used to sit on the main deck and while I watched naruto).
  4. Just because to watch Naruto all episodes, I started watching naruto in Subbed and left dubbed. (thus, gateway anime was triggered).
  5. I respect Naruto will all my heart and soul. My best scene that I remember is Naruto fighting Haku and is trapped in Haku’s ice cage. When Sasuke is hurt, saving Naruto, Naruto says a line, “mein kaccha Chaba jaunga” (Hindi dubbed).
  6. I have forgotten most about Dragon ball z. I remember I watched it a lot. Maybe it didn’t make a deep connection.
  7. I would tell all, “watching anime is better than talking to people.”
  8. Hindi Subbed Naruto was my gateway anime, to be sure.

Now, I have watched a lot of anime.. so many that I don’t remember the titles of anime, from romance to the amazing action.

I will do everything in my power to live a life that has time for anime and games. These two make me lazy because they are advantageous things for me.

I will update more if my laziness leaves me. 😛

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