How to use sticky note?

How to use sticky note?

Well to start this, we must first learn what are we actually taking about. There are three things that you should know.

  1. Sticky Notes (with a extra “S”)
  2. Sticky Note
  3. Post-it Note

The first one is a desktop application included in Windows. The program allows users to take notes using post-it note–like windows on their desktop. (so this is a application made to simulate post-it note)

The second one and the third one are the same but are named differently, A sticky note (or Post-it note) is a small piece of paper with a strip of glue along one edge that make it “sticky,” so you can stick it to things.

That’s all you need to know about these, Today we will be talking about 2nd and 3rd point.

How to efficiently use sticky/post-it note?

These are used for two kinds of things, that are :

  1. Home
  2. Office

Home : These used as a reminder to do things like, buy groceries, call plumber and can be used for personal development like, do twenty push ups before sleeping and similar things.

Office : These are used for similar things like home use, and are used to remember important data like shortcut keys, and meeting dates and similar office kind of stuff.

The problem is when the sticky note/post-it note is there and you are not taking any action on it, and the note is still there for days or even weeks.

To resolve this, if there is a sticky note and you have not finished the task and it is still there, just pull it out and tear it into pieces and make the same note again, this will change your consciousness and will make you to tear more notes rather than just watching the old notes.

When you have a habit of tearing notes then you will automatically get all the work done.

Yatta, my first thought post. Thanks for reading.

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