How to write an Article?

How to write an Article?

Writing an article every day is not an easy task, writing an article everyday takes time, takes your patience and you have to use your brain to actually create something on your own.
So in this article, I’ll be telling you how to write an article, get yourself prepared because the tips that I am about to give you will change your life forever!

To simplify the process here are the simple three steps :

Step 1 : Use Google

Whenever you are about to write any article use google to research on that article, Like this :

Here you can see, there are many tips that might help, but they are still missing the first step that is, using Google to Research on your article.

What I want to say by this first step is :

  • Always use google before writing any article.
  • Google can show you better post or articles on the internet, and you can use that information to write even better post.
  • If something is outdated, you can comment on that article with an updated information linking your post as a backlink.
  • If there are already a lot of articles related to your research, you should not waste your time writing that article.

Step 2 : Simplify your post with the help of steps.

If you have ever visited

, it has steps in everything :


What I want to say by this second step is :

  • Simplify your post by dividing it into steps and small headings.
  • You might write a big article but if the user can’t find he needs then your article is of no use.
  • Use bullet points like these, and make the article understandable, so that a person with no knowledge with that topic can understand it.

Step 3 : Teach something.

Whenever writing an article, always teach something to the person that is reading your article.


What I want to say by this third step is :

  • Providing with useful information will make users to read more of your articles.
  • Share knowledge is such a way that everyone can understand.
  • If you are providing solution to a problem, always have all the baby steps in your article.

Note : No matter how your article looks like, if it has a power of knowledge and the person reading can understand it all, that’s all you need. If you can’t do these two things, then you cannot write any article or blogs.

This article is about How to write an article and not about Structure of an article!

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