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We often say we don’t have time!

Yes, we humans often say that we don’t have time, I mean really? we humans don’t understand that time is precious for us. When we really want to do something, and a thought pops up that you don’t have time to do that.

Example : If you want to go to the gym, and you still say that “aah I don’t have time”. but you will waste your time sitting for 10-20 mins thinking about something that will never even happen. (I mean lost in the clouds).

Just imagine, suddenly, if your phone broke and you have to get it fixed, you will go to great length and travel to the local store to get your phone fixed, they might ask you to wait 3-4 hours, and you will wait. A number of similar situations can come and you will get time, I mean a lot of time.

Example : fixing your laptop/computer/phone, reading about problems online (a issue you have), using social media, sitting with friends and just doing nothing productive, laying on bed doing literally nothing for hours. I mean just think about these situations and you will realize how much time you can save.

To get or find time to do something, you have to do only one thing that is “setting the priority”, You have set your priorities and you have to work according to that no matter what happens.

It will take time to adjust to the new priorities work flow, (if you survived this time successfully, then you will have a excellent time management in your life).

Priorities = Time management


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