We sleep for 32 years in our life time!

We sleep for 32 years in our life time!

Yes, you read it right, in our live-span of 80-100 years we waste about 32 years of our time sleeping and there are a lot of theories that we should sleep for like 8 hours and bla bla bla.

It’s on you it’s your body you have to decide how much you want to sleep, but are we ready to discard all the scientific research?

There are a lot of sleep related research, some says sleeping for 4 hours is enough and some says, sleeping for 9 hours is enough.

It has been seen that, if you are surrounded by dumb people and you are interacting with them, then you need less sleep, because your brain does not have anything to process in the background. (similar to playing games as same pattern repeats).

But if you are in a learning state and you are getting all the good/important information then you should defiantly sleep more and should sleep in small naps, like 6 hours night sleep and 1 hour sleep after learning or studying. (in this way your mind will preserve the information better.)

Always remember : when you sleep your brain processes information that is useful to you and discards all the stupid and repeated information, this is why you wont remember what you searched 3 months back on Google.

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