Writing something everyday?

Writing something everyday?

Yes, I am writing something on this blogging website everyday. I have to write my thoughts, and about the things I do. It is really difficult because penning down own thoughts are difficult, but making news articles, making a small line into a very big paragraph is really easy.

But if you have to pen down or type down your thoughts that you can share with the world and doing this everyday, then every single person will be stuck someday somewhere. (that’s what I think and feel).

Authors or Novelist, even manga writers can make up a story out of no where, example like, a story of a serial killer to something like game of thrones, even manga writers, they even go beyond the world of normal thinking. All these are just stories, they are not thoughts? We just can’t write our thoughts just like that, because no one will read what you think, but if you mix your thought and thinking process into a story then everyone will read and it will become a master piece. There are many master piece that are purely based upon the thinking of the author. (This is the art of story telling).

Like manga, a manga artist has one the most difficult job, they have to virtually create thoughts process and characters development. They have to think how a character will think, when compared to novelist or authors, manga artist have a deadline, which is why I feel they have one of most difficult job. For example : They have to think and work on the upcoming story and complete it in a week’s time.

Well I just went with the flow and wrote this all, because I have to write something each and everyday.

There will a post every single day!

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