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Air conditioner vs Fan! Which is better?

First let us understand, the basic working of an air conditioner and a fan.

Air Conditioner

Also known as A/C works on the process of removing moisture and heat which make comfortable environment for humans to live in. 

A/C sucks up air and removes heat and moisture form air, giving back cold air.


Fan is a machine that helps in the flow of air. It has metal or plastic blades that rotate to create a flow of air in a direction.

Fans creates a air flow by pushing air downwards by rotating its blade.

Now we know the basics of Fan and A/C.

I can basically say fan provides fake comfort when compared to A/C.

A/C actually provides true coolness in a hot and humid weather, when compared to fan, fan just rotates air all around making a air flow! So Why fans are used in hot Weather?

Fans are widely used in many countries during hot weather, fans when making the air flow increases the process of evaporation of human sweat giving a cool feeling to human body. When the human body adjusts to the flow of air the amount of sweat released gives cool feeling on human body.

Now, let’s talk about air conditioner. It makes temperate of a room lower and make a comfortable temperature, so that the body can adjust and no longer has to use sweat as a cooling mechanism. This makes a human body more relaxed when compared to the sweating in fan.

Note : Some people who never experienced A/C might feel awkward when sitting in a/c.


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