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How to be remembered forever!

I know this sounds crazy. It is true because one day we will all turn into dust. Every human will turn into dust, we just don’t realize that our time is limited. We have to accept the fact that one day you will fade away. The only question lies is, will you be full of regret? or you want to be happy when you die?

There are a lot of things you can do that can make your name to be remembered forever, the thing here is the person that is inside of you, who is going to remember him/her?

Most probably, your children and your friends will remember you, the person you once were. There are many names in the history that we read, but we don’t remember them as a person, just a name you did something. We never know what is the real history, we just know the information that is provided to us by the schools and televisions.

If you really want yourself to be remember forever as a person, you have to create a generation that follows you and will remember you as a person.

If you achieve this, you will be a GOD and people will pray you.


Studboo Senpai

Versatile Programmer, Filmmaker and Blogger from India. I have a rich experience in making videos, building stories and customization. Very good at Web Development, Photoshop, Psychology and Problem Solving. I love to share knowledge with the World. Thank you for reading my articles.

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