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How to get used to a new habit?

Well, this is really hard as it takes a serious amount of will power to develop a new habit.

There are people who are easily able to bend their will power and can you amazing things. For example

If theses people are able to do 25 push-ups they will use their will power to do 100 and on the other hand people like me will only try for 30 push-ups.

Developing a new habit can be really annoying and exhausting :

  • You want to run every morning
  • You want to learn guitar, piano or anything.

Developing these things are difficult and easy both.

Our brain works on reward system, that is we feel good we get reward, If you are doing something and it does’t feel good then what? you will lose that habit.

Develop a habit in a way, that when you end that activity you feel good and excited to do it again next day.


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