The Internet future problem!

The Internet future problem!

Today, everywhere humans are talking about that we will be living on the Moon and Mars. The Galaxy will be our home not just the Earth.

Let’s assume we are 5000 years into the future and humans are living on mars as well as moon, one of the main problem will be the INTERNET?

How will the internet work and how we will connect mars, moon and Earth?

The person or the company that will solve this problem will be the next big thing, humans can create something that can even take over Google.

We can make a normal working internet, but it will be slow as hell. The birth of new technology will definitely require a better low latency internet.

Imagine a CS:GO match between Martians and Earthians. (Mars and Earth)

If I will find a solution to this internet problem, then I will definitely write it here. (or will make a video on it).

PS : On Earth we have network of cables with nodes that makes up the Internet! Future between Mars and Earth.

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