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Why I created Studboo?

Why I created studboo? is not a difficult question to answer. It’s quite simple. Me and my best friend used to say Studboo to each other. That’s where this word generated, as a internet person I searched for this domain and it was available. At that time year 2016, I bought this domain and recently only I made online as a blogging platform. So I write whatever I want to write. Maybe someday someone will read this post.

This Pic represents the better visualization of studboo.

S T U D  +  B O O

Strong man (stud)
Dangerous ghost (boo)

I wanted to create a platform where I can post blogs about things I know, or I can just write whatever I wish to write. In future I am thinking to generate a hell lot of revenue from this website. Right now it does not seem possible, maybe I can be rich by this blog.

 If I become rich by this blog 😛 I’ll be like


Studboo Senpai

Versatile Programmer, Filmmaker and Blogger from India. I have a rich experience in making videos, building stories and customization. Very good at Web Development, Photoshop, Psychology and Problem Solving. I love to share knowledge with the World. Thank you for reading my articles.

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